90 Time Management Strategies To Become More Productive, Stop Procrastination and Cure Anxiety [3 In1 ]


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This is a package of 3 time management Kindle books that are going to help you become dramatically more productive at work and personal life, especially if you do not have enough time in a day, feel certain a level of anxiery, or experience low levers of performance at whatever you do in life.

Moreover, if you are procrastinating on important things, you\’ll find this package helpful, because you\’ll learn:

– How to avoid family conflicts so that you do not get distracted from your work?
– Why sharing your plans and dreams can be dangerous and what to do instead?
– What\’s the difference between control and risk, and how they are related to your personal productivity?
– Why is perfectionism the cash-flow\’s biggest enemy?
– Why should you keep your enemies closer?
– What to do if you feel exhausted and overwhelmed all the time and what to do instead?
– Why planning does not work and what to do instead?
– How to deal with junk mail?
– How to increase your learning potential by 50%?
– How to prevent any data loss from your computer?
– What to do if your project is moving slowly and how to pick up a speed?
– How to distinguish the urgent from the important?
– What\’s the best way to overcome procrastination and anxiety?
– How to reduce the temptation of \”getting sidetracked?\”
– Why socializing can kill your productivity and what to do instead without losing friends?
– How do you need to start your day in order to achieve maximum performance and results?
– What should you do when there are a lot of distractions daily?
– How to eliminate house chores without lifting a finger?
– Why organizing things do not work, and what to do instead?
– How to organize your work effectively without getting sidetracked?
– What\’s the difference between information and education and how that relates to your productivity in our over-communicated society?
– What if you are not a computer guy, can you still manage tasks and get things done on your computer faster? If so, how?
– Why perfectionism does not work, and what to do instead?
– What are the three levels of outsourcing?
– What you need to do in order to have more energy to get things done?
– Why is failure a good thing and how to use it at your advantage?
– How to balance business/work and personal life?
– What you need to do in order to eliminate unproductive habits?
– When you do need to avoid working and why?
– What\’s the number one skill you need to learn in order to get the most out of your time and efforts?
– How to get more available time out of your busy schedule?
– How to get more done in significantly less time?
– How to increase your energy to get things done?
– How stay focused on tasks without getting sidetracked?
– How to build more confidence in your outcome without getting distracted by \”shiny objects?\”
– How to increase your leverage, without being dependent on other people?
– How to improve your personal productivity?
– How to outsource effectively?
– And much more…

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