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Save $20! Consider this series of video as a programming guide to all the most important concepts. It is a path to really teach you how to program starting with the basics until you get to write your first working codes.

If you already program this is NOT the right course par t!

It is a course for those who want to start programming from scratch and all the lessons have been specially created with the goal of getting the real and immediate results, even after the first lessons you can immediately put the things you\’ve learned into practice.

Unlike other courses where the student is limited to passively copy the teacher\’s code in this you will find many exercises Guild (more than 20), and you know having to solve, you will be you to write code!

In more than eight years of work I understood that the secret to learning to program is just one: to do a lot of practice, but also have a right track to follow helps a lot, just so you can actually learn how to program, and I have structured this course trying the exploit to my knowledge to create a perfect path, tailored to you.

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