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$10 Python for Beginners: Become a Certified Python Developer

Learn Python programming from scratch. Main topics to be introduced in this course as follows: Start coding with Python Variables And Identifiers In Python Introduction To Standard Types... more ››

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$10 Become a certified developer Python | MongoDB | Django | HTML | Bootstrap | SQLite...

Python for beginners | MongoDB | Django | Python | Web Programming | SQLite | Tkinter | Python GUI | Beginner To Expert. Main topics to be introduced in this course as follows: Basics of Pytho... more ››

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FREE How to Create a WordPress Affiliate Site in 24 Hours or Less

Teach yourself how to build a great looking affiliate website in WordPress even if you are a complete beginner. This course is designed to help you jump into the world of affiliate by applying the ... more ››



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$12 Dog Training: Fun Dog Training to Creating Art with your Dog

Do you enjoy training your dog and teaching him/her new skills? Do you want a stronger bond with your dog? Then this course is for you! Just like you, I am a huge dog lover and, in all honesty, my ... more ››

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$10 Fundraising: Ask and Raise Money for Your Charity

Very Precise and Informative Course on Fundraising By TJ Walker for just $10 Imagine rising thousands or even millions of dollars for the non-profit or campaign of your choice. You can raise unl... more ››

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$10 Body Language for Business People

This course is full of of good information and advice to improve your body language in particular and public speaking skills in general . Imagine that every time you attend a business meeting or ev... more ››

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$17 Viral Marketing Traffic Blueprint

Viral Marketing Formula: Discover how to gain massive traffic and make your content go viral online! Discover the absolute EASIEST ways to rapidly spread your content, brand, and products around the ... more ››

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$10 Keyword Research: Finding Money Making Keywords Easily!

How to Get More Organic Traffic and Exposure by Mastering Keyword Research. Make sure you watch the promo video where I will uncover the one difference between failing websites and the top blogs of... more ››

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$27 Affiliate Marketing: Instant Traffic to Affiliate Links

Study this Affiliate Marketing course and discover how to make fast and easy sales with your Affiliate Marketing links! Start making money, with no outlay and no experience whatsoever, immediately - ... more ››

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$10 Learn Image Editing. Preview (Mac OS) – Master Apple\’s Image Editor

Learn how to master the simplest yet most powerful image editing software, Preview. Experience an in depth course. Want to learn to be a professional image editor? In this course I will be teach... more ››

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